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I’m so happy by the time I go to this wedding I’ll finally be able to drink champagne let’s hope it doesn’t taste like ass like everything else does


it’s time for everyone to realize how cute i am and give me the endless amount of attention i deserve

*Villager voice* this reminds me of my baby girl because she never has pockets

if i had a nickel for every gf i didn’t have

pochamarama No nobody said anything to my face I just heard from a friend that some shitty dudebro coworker apparently thinks my existence is threatening to him or some dumb straight boy bullshit and I’m pissed but also happy because I’m making a straight boy uncomfortable and it’s not even my fault it’s his


this was supposed to be feet drawing practice but i guess im taking it one step at a time 

Dude you could yell at me for the most trivial shit and I’d take it I don’t care but if you ever fucking harass me for being gay I will grind you into the god damn curb I don’t give a shit.

I don’t even care if you can beat me up!! I don’t have to win!! I just gotta do some lasting damage to remind your homophobic ass what your evil, childish behavior brought upon itself!!!

So apparently right before I stopped working at Steak n Shake one of the MIT’s told one of my friends there that if we were ever working together he’d be harder on me because I’m gay and that pisses me off so fucking much. And this is the same dude who would get all buddy-buddy with me when I was done with my shift trying to talk to me and shit. Fuck straight boys and fuck the dumpster void they emerged from.