7 and 20

7:If you could have any canon stand, which one would it be?

Ooh this one is tough either The Hand, Crazy Diamond, or The World

20:Who’s your favorite villain?

DIO is my baby and he did nothing wrong

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people who actually get angry or annoyed at ‘tumblr art styles’ is so laughable and pathetic to me lmfao god forbid people enjoy something and want to implement that kind of look into their own art.

all you sound like is some boring old geezer getting mad at all the young people for liking things that are new and a lot more interesting than you

"haha you TUMBLR SJWs want representation?? well MAKE YOUR OWN CHARACTERS THEN. heh bet u didnt think of that one,"


IT’S RAINING MEN hmmmm brainstorming stand names

I'm assuming it'd be a part 3 style giant half naked floating muscular man?

uhm, duh?????



straight people are so weird wtf like heres a drawing of two animals in love but one has eyelashes so you know these are Straight Animals


have you made up your own stand?

I have a couple ideas for one. For the name I picked “Barracuda” because I love that song and I can make a bara joke out of it (although I’m pretty sure I had a better idea but I forgot it). As far as abilities go I had one for being able to slip through objects and even travel through one object out of another, and another for being able to manipulate atmosphere to move objects and even control temperature but I kind of need to flesh them out. I want the stand to have a physical form though and I still need to draw it out.

Lets talk about JOJO!
1: Do you have any birthmarks?
2: Are there any bands that you never knew about before you read JJBA?
3: If you had a stand, what would its power be?
4: Would you every reject your humanity?
5: Would you rather be a stand user or a master of the ripple?
6: Would you be a antagonist or protagonist?
7: If you could have any canon stand, which one would it be?
8: Do you have a dream Jojo cosplay you wish you could make?
9: Who would you say has the best looks in JJBA?
10: favorite part(s)?
11: How did you get into JJBA?
12: What do you think of Hirohiko Araki?
13: Most heart crushing moment (besides part 6 ending)?
14: Do you enjoy the videogames they've made based on the series?
15: What's character(s) is named after your favorite song(s)/band(s)?
16: How would describe the series to someone who has never read it before?
17: What would you say is one of the more bizarre things that has happened in the series?
18: Who's your favorite Jojo?
19: Who's your favorite sidekick/side character?
20: Who's your favorite villain?
21: What do you think would have happened if your favorite villain had won?
22: Is there one character death that you refuse to accept?
23: Least favorite character(s)?
24: Do you own any JJBA merchandise?
25: Any JJBA merchandise you wish you could have?






apparently it’s nineteen fucking twenty

what a stupid fucking comic 

Wow! Whoever made this is deluded

this just in: the anti-feminists still refuse to acknowledge misogyny exists, as it never has happened to them in their lives. also not so sure the sun is really there, or is just another conspiracy created to confuse the people. more at eleven.

"whoever made this is deluded" didnt this comic get made based off an actual experience like. this actually really happened.


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